Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No title :3

Good luck to all my buddies that recently just started their uni-life :D
You gonna have fun, and most importantly homesick at first. Is a truth that nobody wanna say about it really, not need to be mention, it stay there always.
Buddy, when you homesick remember you could call your parents at hometown or just find us for a chat; we all walk trough this homesick matters, it isn't easy, but it will pass with friends and family do it together. :D

Nothing much to update recently :D, no improvement between my relationship stuff :P..
Just normal, like really normal :3, due to who that keep checking my blog update.
Hey, I update give you see la, syok liao leh, like this won't everytime you coming with disappointment :P

Well, Yinin, Xinning and Chuan Yew! Good Luck for your uni-life!

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