Thursday, December 19, 2013

6 more days.

Yup, 6 more days.. a year already I been single after a relationship..
was thought that I could not really take over my hurts and would not be able to easily get up a new life.

Well, that's wrong :D
I had get up, picking up those mess I made. Being a new myself, pass relationship would be a past of me, experience of me. I could not keep on stepping at the same place, and I should move on.
There have a brighter future for me, choosing this path is my decision.

Year 2013, June :D
Having a self vacation with buddies, is happy, is fun and is tiring :D
This vacation was plan by May and Nin, should have more plan :P I still wanna outing and vacation with your guys, although pocket out many money, but its worth it when I spend time with you guys :)

December :D
My buddies all came down to KL to have a 3 days trip here :D
Btw still the same person planning, something really kinda ko lian mereka leh, others buddies all so busy paktor, no time think about us :D Lucky this fanshu May no forget (y) thumbs up!
Wish Fanshu May and May's Him have a happy relationship :P
Yup, saying back this December thing, play at One U, Lagoon and Midvalley, walk here walk there, its memang tiring one :x but fun la, can keep up my fitness yea :P, first time kat KL shopping and play dao so exited and feel time pass damn fast, not like when I go out with my housemate :( so damn boring and slow :(
Should have more days :(

Actually everytime they plan a plan to come or go to place, always crash my time one :X hahaha, but nevermind la, I ok with it, just time scheduling better then everything would be settle according my plan :)

Can't wait for the gift exchanges day :D 23th yea yea yea :)
bought something okok nia for now I think, but why that time I feel that is the prefect gift leh? :3 erm wahaha..

so, 6 more days huh..
6 more days to a year..
a year after a relationship,

yup and yup..
is the time I should fully put it all down..
Just give me more 6 days..
Taking back up myself, and prepare to find another relationship :)
Kinda crave for love now :X.. don't want to be single ANYMORE! :)

Ksin, Merry Early Chirstmas and Happy New Year :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

I ain't become myself without you all =)

Time passed so fast, reading back old posts in this blog..
Feeling was like so cool, looking self getting growing older and older..
But the most thing I think that am I mature or just pretend to be mature?..
I had already step in the year of 19 for three month and 19 days, wasn't being that childish again..
I seeing responsible, friendship, leadership, future planning was getting that IMPORTANT.

In the year of 2012, I had a relationship and I appreciate it. Well, it's wasn't go like what I thinking or planning, but life goes on.. What should I do besides just keep emo-ing? =( , getting up, clean up my tears, clean up the messed I had made that year, fully walk-in the new life of collage and teenage with friendship.
Yet, in my eyes the most important thing was studies, future, and friendship and well families =). Ain't nothing important than these. Sometimes, I just like to have a blank thinking about what would my life become without my friends, it is that misty until I could not imagine?
Well, who care's =P
I have you all =D 

Year 2013,
The starting of this year was a sad and heart breaking year for me..
The relationship wasn't go that nice, just ended six days before 1/1 came.
Backing home, getting like so awkward and so hard for me, I scare to face these thing.. I scare to see she..
but although how miserable it be, I still have to walk-on. This is my life, face everything, ain't no escape.
Being back to single, I knew that I was a people that got girl no friend de =P (PS SORRY!)
Well, now ain't thinking like that..
Friend and Relationship had to be equally balance, I should not be like I be in 2012.
Equally giving spaces to each other, not to sticking to each other, that should the relationship be.  

Without these thing, I ain't being grown up..
Without these thing, I ain't become more like to talk more and speak more..
Without these thing, I ain't become that confidence..
Without these thing, I ain't know that I was important in others eyes..
Without these thing, I ain't know what is love..
Without these thing, I ain't know what is true friendship..
Without these thing, I ain't find that who was the real me..