Sunday, October 23, 2011

21 days.

Today is 23/10, and SPM is 14/11.
21 hari lagi.

Banyak lagi belum habis study ni, so gan cheong.
Study physics sekejap then mau pengsan sudah, then bangun study chemistry then pengsan lagi, tiap tiap hari buat Math and Add Math sahaja.

Really sangat stress about SPM, takut fail banyak subject.

Haiz, pengsan. Saya sudah sot, type banyak bahasa rojak hari. Tak mau blog le la, siao edi OMG!

Ksin sudah sot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011






Thursday, October 6, 2011

Super Enthusiast, 5sE.

The plan before SPM, many things should be done fast.
Class tee's design is finally done, and gonna get send to do the last step, to make it true. I'll try to settle it in this week, I don't want make this tee to grab down my leg to study for SPM.
5sE classmate, we have already 2 years together edi and gonna graduate. Many books appear in class to write this write that ><.. After SPM must go out syok syok, xD!

Who are we! We are Super Enthusiast!

Okok, don't say until so syok sin.. Now need study for SPM like that just can syok syok play after SPM.
Ok, gonna go study.

Start with, Additional Mathematics.

Ksin's Words: There is no OF COURSE for self, its OF COURSE for everyone.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Facebook, face book. (short post)

Haha, should thanks to my friends lol.. They told me a fake news and make me wanna quit facebook to face book.

Ya, really thanks them alot. I have already off for 5 days. The day passing without facebook is quite boring and like lepak until nothing to do, seriously. Facebook, just like drug, addicted already lol. So, I better separate the words "Facebook" to become "Face Book", to study lol..

Oh ya, SPM is stepping nearer and nearer, otherwise the one who seem the most relaxing one ( ME) already start get stress. I think wanna take form 6 by next studies first, but I really need a force, a momentum to study. Someone, please please please PLEASE guide me.

For band, some percussionist have already finish their finals drum test. Haha, quite surprise for some new member and some juniors are start improve, good job everyone. Say still, some percussion should work more hard to improve,  I believe you all should can be, a drummer.

2month to go, gonna graduate already. Really, I still quite don't want to graduate so fast, I don't want leave school, don't want get lost contact with friends, don't want leave someone. Its quite sad while see the calender get tear down one piece and one piece, time was running, non-stop. Time just flies, after the school graduation there come SPM and continue to the band passing out. 2month to go, got to end my secondary school life.

What I gonna do next? erm..
Well well well, stop here first.