Friday, September 23, 2011

The first war between SPM trails Part 1

Month, September. Whole perak are facing the first war by SPM trails, the brother of SPM the real.

Day1, 07/09/11. 7.45am -- 1.00pm. 
A squad team name Bahasa Melayu, launched the first attack by the order of SPM trails. Bahasa Melayu divided into two team, called Paper 1 and Paper 2. The captain of Paper 2 came infront then get defeated by the Soldiers of Students. As we knew, we are holding the paper about weakness of enemy and soon we had defeated the paper 2 and paper 1, by the time 1pm.

Day2, 08/09/11. 7.45am -- 1.00pm. 
Here came a knight team, named English. They also divided into Paper 2 and Paper 1. They use the Novel name " Catch us if you can" to confuse us and a long comprehension, but luckily English still get defeated by ours talented knight!

Day3, 09/09/11. 7.45am -- 12.40pm. 
SPM trails produced a Assassination unit, named Sejarah. The whole team of us start having infighting inside our team, we scare we can't accomplish the mission and we start suspect each other. By the end, ours boss find out the weakness of Sejarah and then in 6hours time, him produced out a team of talented protector to accomplish this mission. Finally, we have won the match.

Due of the big Internal injury to both team, both of us rest for two days, and wating the next waves of attack by next 7 team!

To be continue, Ksin.