Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mid-Term stress.

Mid-term have just ended.

What next?..
I feel stress, because of those juniors. Practice, none of them are serious. Thai's tutor are coming to teach us for more improvement, but those junior's skill just drop until I straight on speechless. Stress because of too many new members inside these drumline. Of course there also got a bunch of ke po chi, I don't like ke po chi. They just like to talk when I talk about drumming skill, don't even know what is listen to my orders.

Taking out competition drums yesterday. have 7 of the snare drum. For really, if we have a enough nice sound of snare, I won't take out those competition snare that so new -.-.. A kind of waste to give some of them for using..

Anyway, advice for juniors again.
If you didn't enjoy it, you doing it wrong by Scojo.
Ksin's Words: Appreciate now! Don't lost it then start regret.

YES, so stress.
Need to study better, more effective to face the spm.
To continue my next path of my life..

Stress only ma, what to do?.. This week! Just DRUM!