Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time Flies.

Here coming to the end of the month of April. Well,


We are gonna planning to study for exam. Somehow, I wander why the school plan the Exam period for 3 weeks, but between got so many of empty days to class, FREE days to study. Oh yea, I got too many plan for my future LOL! Perhaps, I wanna be a Physiologist, a Accountant, a Event planner, a Interior Designer, or a Physics Discoverer. ( I don't know-.- I plan it too more and make my path blur blur -.-)

Oh ya, Percussion's improve a lot. Its a "lot", somehow those new juniors have already wanna catch up the old's member. Well, they need keep on to learning and improve themself, not just waiting for seniors or alumi to push, push, PUSH.
Try to have a think, few months later, Alumi's gonna continue their path to study or works and there have no more time to push and keep push us already, and besides Juniors also need to try to listen the senior's talk, and also few more month, We are going to study for our SPM, and we also gonna graduate.

Juniors, be more modest and practice more. Don't keep complain during the practice, or just for a short moment of sectional. Practice does make Improvement.

By Ksin.