Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

2011, seem like is my last year study in Nan Hwa already. A great to have a study in the stupid SPM.. I didn't plan to fail it.. A credit, I happy edi =P!

Well, 12/31.. I'm with a bunch of friend went to McD to have a meet and dinner, after that we went to Marina Island for a countdown party. I still remember the stupid tokong singer scare away the wind, those sea wind, make the whole Island so hot with out wind==..

Luckily, there got Secret recipe.. We hide inside and have a drink until 12am to countdown..^^
!@#@$%^#$3 I order a Espresso Macchiato== RM5.50, once it serve on.. WTF?! Tiny cup?!! eiu.. no suit me== and its WTF expensive==..

Well.. The fireworks been released on 11.55pm== I dunno what happen on their time, anyway.. Happy New Year Friends..

Happy New Year To You too ♥..