Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This Is Our Time.

Altought there every year end have Passing-Out Ceremony of NHMB.
This year's Passing-Out are not same, its my fifth passing out, and its our time..

This video is about our time from the first year of we join the band, we meet at bandroom, what we done in this few year, to grow up, to learn more thing..

I still remember that the first year I join NHMB, year 2007. I'm was a noob =P, I don't know anything like note, and drum stick, playing with tempo, conductor hand pointing =P.. but, I learn as much as I can, to be someone, to learn up skill and improve myself..

In second year of my band life, year 2008. I'm still a newbie, because of my learning speed are like snail, slow and steady. In this year, I was a post-meeting of a 24' bass drum player, but I was lucky and I had join my first year competition. This year, the juniors like me all kena take care of seniors, and we had join in to the KLWMBC. I'm being proud of it, as a NHMB member. LOUD AND PROUD!

In third year, I'm still a 24' bass drum. I'm being a quick learner since last competition on 2008. We start having a long and certain practice to aim for a high achievement. But, its quite disappointed to the new style of judges, then we had lost this competition.

In the fourth year, I finally grown up, as a 28' bass drummer, a bass drum leader. In this year, we have theme named "The Prince of Egypt". This year we had join NATCOMP, and TIMBC. The competition that I had the most memorable is TIMBC, to join this competition we need to when to the Thailand, the promised land, to join this competition. We joined Street Parade, Drum Battle and The marching competition. In drum battle, the first round we meet the champion at the end of the competition, we get knock-out in the first round, but we happy for that, because we get banged by Champion =P..

And finally reach the last year, my batch and I had already form5, we not joining any competition in this year, but we quite happy because we had go to the Pahang, Hwa Lian to join their concert and meet others state's friends.

This is Our Time.

Sunday, December 11, 2011









Saturday, December 10, 2011


SPM ended this Wednesday.
On that night, our 5sE was having a last gather, I think..
At Simpang Dua, Steamboat sana, We called that gather ask "SteamBook".
Yups, I'm the Bendahari of the Class, I'm taking the money to pay that day..
32people, 4 table, have eaten RM327.
OMG that quite much, and I think only my table there laugh dao siao, and the table which last one eat finish. ( Cause our table is makan taufu one.)
Oh ya, Chou Breast Fur! Keep on fill my bowl, I already full dao sot liao, mau see guar Muntah ka?..
Yaya, that gathering only have Ah Fam bo come, him already start to work, good luck Fam =P

Well, I still a free, single man. Nothing to do, no work yet, but still finding job to do.
For fill up my wallet, feed my wallet <3
Quite busy this week, time full filled by Band for the Passing Out practice and the Pahang Concert.
Feel exited to meet back those guys =P..
5sE's ClassMate, I will miss you semua =P..
Everyone just will be good luck, have a nice day to continue self lifepath.
Well, I still don't know where should I go, what should I do, what should I become..
I feel that I'm such a failure, apa pun tak boleh buat baik.. All buat until half half..
I'm will smile sometimes, but I still will become emo once alone.

32th Passing-Out is in the corner already, 2011 Form5 batch's and I gonna join Alumi.
I think our juniors will be as good like us do..
Be better than us, only like that can improve alot for our band.

Alot of things poops out in my mind,
Being more coperate, but no one care..
Being more friendly, but someone don't think it so..
Being more, being more..


Saturday, November 19, 2011









Sunday, October 23, 2011

21 days.

Today is 23/10, and SPM is 14/11.
21 hari lagi.

Banyak lagi belum habis study ni, so gan cheong.
Study physics sekejap then mau pengsan sudah, then bangun study chemistry then pengsan lagi, tiap tiap hari buat Math and Add Math sahaja.

Really sangat stress about SPM, takut fail banyak subject.

Haiz, pengsan. Saya sudah sot, type banyak bahasa rojak hari. Tak mau blog le la, siao edi OMG!

Ksin sudah sot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011






Thursday, October 6, 2011

Super Enthusiast, 5sE.

The plan before SPM, many things should be done fast.
Class tee's design is finally done, and gonna get send to do the last step, to make it true. I'll try to settle it in this week, I don't want make this tee to grab down my leg to study for SPM.
5sE classmate, we have already 2 years together edi and gonna graduate. Many books appear in class to write this write that ><.. After SPM must go out syok syok, xD!

Who are we! We are Super Enthusiast!

Okok, don't say until so syok sin.. Now need study for SPM like that just can syok syok play after SPM.
Ok, gonna go study.

Start with, Additional Mathematics.

Ksin's Words: There is no OF COURSE for self, its OF COURSE for everyone.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Facebook, face book. (short post)

Haha, should thanks to my friends lol.. They told me a fake news and make me wanna quit facebook to face book.

Ya, really thanks them alot. I have already off for 5 days. The day passing without facebook is quite boring and like lepak until nothing to do, seriously. Facebook, just like drug, addicted already lol. So, I better separate the words "Facebook" to become "Face Book", to study lol..

Oh ya, SPM is stepping nearer and nearer, otherwise the one who seem the most relaxing one ( ME) already start get stress. I think wanna take form 6 by next studies first, but I really need a force, a momentum to study. Someone, please please please PLEASE guide me.

For band, some percussionist have already finish their finals drum test. Haha, quite surprise for some new member and some juniors are start improve, good job everyone. Say still, some percussion should work more hard to improve,  I believe you all should can be, a drummer.

2month to go, gonna graduate already. Really, I still quite don't want to graduate so fast, I don't want leave school, don't want get lost contact with friends, don't want leave someone. Its quite sad while see the calender get tear down one piece and one piece, time was running, non-stop. Time just flies, after the school graduation there come SPM and continue to the band passing out. 2month to go, got to end my secondary school life.

What I gonna do next? erm..
Well well well, stop here first.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The first war between SPM trails Part 1

Month, September. Whole perak are facing the first war by SPM trails, the brother of SPM the real.

Day1, 07/09/11. 7.45am -- 1.00pm. 
A squad team name Bahasa Melayu, launched the first attack by the order of SPM trails. Bahasa Melayu divided into two team, called Paper 1 and Paper 2. The captain of Paper 2 came infront then get defeated by the Soldiers of Students. As we knew, we are holding the paper about weakness of enemy and soon we had defeated the paper 2 and paper 1, by the time 1pm.

Day2, 08/09/11. 7.45am -- 1.00pm. 
Here came a knight team, named English. They also divided into Paper 2 and Paper 1. They use the Novel name " Catch us if you can" to confuse us and a long comprehension, but luckily English still get defeated by ours talented knight!

Day3, 09/09/11. 7.45am -- 12.40pm. 
SPM trails produced a Assassination unit, named Sejarah. The whole team of us start having infighting inside our team, we scare we can't accomplish the mission and we start suspect each other. By the end, ours boss find out the weakness of Sejarah and then in 6hours time, him produced out a team of talented protector to accomplish this mission. Finally, we have won the match.

Due of the big Internal injury to both team, both of us rest for two days, and wating the next waves of attack by next 7 team!

To be continue, Ksin.

Sunday, August 28, 2011



换了blog的背景,更换一下心情。 Music Player也换了歌,是生命中的朋友里专辑的歌,有意思的歌词。
听听第一首吧,择。 是与不是,是自己选的,不能怪别人。

Wednesday, July 27, 2011




听到一句自己不会反驳或回答的问题时就飚出:“ XXXXX!不要逼我打你!再讲就打你!”
听到一句自己的坏话时就飚出:“ XXXXX!不要逼我打你!再讲就打你!”
听到一句关于自己的玩笑时就飚出:“ XXXXX!不要逼我打你!再讲就打你!”


这才是君子的作风,不是句句“ XXXXX!不要逼我打你!再讲就打你!”


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mid-Term stress.

Mid-term have just ended.

What next?..
I feel stress, because of those juniors. Practice, none of them are serious. Thai's tutor are coming to teach us for more improvement, but those junior's skill just drop until I straight on speechless. Stress because of too many new members inside these drumline. Of course there also got a bunch of ke po chi, I don't like ke po chi. They just like to talk when I talk about drumming skill, don't even know what is listen to my orders.

Taking out competition drums yesterday. have 7 of the snare drum. For really, if we have a enough nice sound of snare, I won't take out those competition snare that so new -.-.. A kind of waste to give some of them for using..

Anyway, advice for juniors again.
If you didn't enjoy it, you doing it wrong by Scojo.
Ksin's Words: Appreciate now! Don't lost it then start regret.

YES, so stress.
Need to study better, more effective to face the spm.
To continue my next path of my life..

Stress only ma, what to do?.. This week! Just DRUM!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time Flies.

Here coming to the end of the month of April. Well,


We are gonna planning to study for exam. Somehow, I wander why the school plan the Exam period for 3 weeks, but between got so many of empty days to class, FREE days to study. Oh yea, I got too many plan for my future LOL! Perhaps, I wanna be a Physiologist, a Accountant, a Event planner, a Interior Designer, or a Physics Discoverer. ( I don't know-.- I plan it too more and make my path blur blur -.-)

Oh ya, Percussion's improve a lot. Its a "lot", somehow those new juniors have already wanna catch up the old's member. Well, they need keep on to learning and improve themself, not just waiting for seniors or alumi to push, push, PUSH.
Try to have a think, few months later, Alumi's gonna continue their path to study or works and there have no more time to push and keep push us already, and besides Juniors also need to try to listen the senior's talk, and also few more month, We are going to study for our SPM, and we also gonna graduate.

Juniors, be more modest and practice more. Don't keep complain during the practice, or just for a short moment of sectional. Practice does make Improvement.

By Ksin.

Sunday, February 27, 2011




Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Exam hater.(Short Post)

Haha. Hate Exam, but still need to study mar..xD.. Well, add oil for my examination.. STUDY STUDY..
Add Math.
Short Post. bye.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Second post of 2011, Happy New Year GUYS!

Halo, back first my followers.
For a long waited 3 WEEKS, yes, its 3 WEEKS~ and wohoo, finally my under grantee computer balik rumah sudah. XD!.. Well, Happy Chinese New Year.
Aiya, Wish of Chinese New Year –
1.) SPM ham ba lang credit can liao. Solution: “Study? Erm..”..
2.) Improve my drum skill =P~
3.) Erm.. Get a GF ar?.. 囧==
4.) More blog post, more more photo.. Wohoo~
Yesterday right? >7ppl eat Seven 4ppl size dishes.. WOW.. sienz jor..=.=..
Well, Last hope..
I having a stupid trouble now==.. I hope that the BLOSSOM better stop talking those thing and shut up== Hope that can habis cepat cepat..==
And yet, we finally have a new band teacher, haha.. anyway.. I damn hate her.. just sucks.. As usual, We known that she learn music, yea music huh, But anyway she not in a BAND before.. She dunno what band is, and keep change our original thing to something, We dunwan.. aiya..== I not going to care what she doing.. I just know that..



Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

2011, seem like is my last year study in Nan Hwa already. A great to have a study in the stupid SPM.. I didn't plan to fail it.. A credit, I happy edi =P!

Well, 12/31.. I'm with a bunch of friend went to McD to have a meet and dinner, after that we went to Marina Island for a countdown party. I still remember the stupid tokong singer scare away the wind, those sea wind, make the whole Island so hot with out wind==..

Luckily, there got Secret recipe.. We hide inside and have a drink until 12am to countdown..^^
!@#@$%^#$3 I order a Espresso Macchiato== RM5.50, once it serve on.. WTF?! Tiny cup?!! eiu.. no suit me== and its WTF expensive==..

Well.. The fireworks been released on 11.55pm== I dunno what happen on their time, anyway.. Happy New Year Friends..

Happy New Year To You too ♥..