Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Days before and during exam? -.-

Sweat, I already have a long time didn't update my blog. Well, since after the TIMBC at Thailand, My first time out country trip, My original plan was to update a long journal about a week at Thailand. Here comes, OMG! My old CPU spoiled, all my document are gone, included the journal about a week at Thailand.

Well, after the TIMBC, I started catch up back all my homework.. The first all I need to done was the Account Folio, the teacher was so freaking crazy about our folio.. She said:"No done equal gagal..".. Who wan to fail SPM?.. I gonna pass it nicely.. T_T.. So, I decide to fail my stupid Finals test..

A week suffering with the account folioS.. why I used "s"? Cause I doing 2 folio.. freak-.-..and so, thanks to Soon Teck, who borrow me the laptop since my CPU spoiled..After account folio done, yes here come, my dad buy me a new CPU..xD!..Well, like I said at before paragraph, I fail finals -.-.. Without study in a week.. I just go band and play Drum..

Friday, a day without any stress.. Account exam.. I study akaun kawalan before the day exam.. well hope so didn't fail this account.. blek!..Saturday and Sunday.. I going to band again.. and I dun even care the subject on Monday was Bahasa Melayu Paper 1 and 2.. Ya, just having a short reading on web about the komsas.. XD!..

And now.. still in the time during exam.. well going school to play drum later.. who care, I fail what.. =P!.. Here come Add MATH!..