Monday, June 14, 2010

Traning Camp + Band Camp

Training Camp came on last week of monday, Its was a hard week for us to go..
Although its is very tire, but we are still enjoying learning and keep on improving..
That only "yes" I can said, Our whole improvement are improved nicely..
About percussion, In this week, we just keep on marching.. The cleanness of snare are improve, Tenor are nice.. and there only Bass Drum are behind.. their step still are not confidence.. Playing skill are good, but lack of listening each other.. So well, In this week, I'm might be very strict on every mistake that you doing.. Remember that, every action of the show, every steps of the show.. I should POLISH every movement and the song we playing..Bass Drum need to play confidently..

Band Camp was start right after the last day of training camp..
I was enjoy it, I throw any the pressure, just enjoy it and make fun on it..
I wan in the Group 4, with Hong Leong, Liang Jian, LiQi, Ming Lee, Racheal(I guess i spell wrong),Zhi Ngor, and Kai Hang.. Our Slogan was very kisiao..
1——— 鸟语花香学account
Is Wen Keat, our 08 Drum Major station.. To win this game, we need to sit on the ballon that on other member leg.. We make it 20ballon in last second, so wen keat said:"Erm, you all make me laugh i give you pass.."
Group 4:"讨厌!(with very gay pose)"..
Yeah.. pass~
2——— 通往“清香”的放水地方
We were moving with high velocity to find it.. at last we found..==.. Its at from3 block there..
Qin Wei and Han Xiang playing magic trick there..
We were guess right.. but still need to have the paidment==..
Others station forget do what le..
Very very sorry..
Thanks all Alumi..^^..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The month of sixth, Half year passed..

Yeah, Finally finish exam edi.. And also the whole half year have oready passed..
8days exam..super kisiao hard.. After back skol die liao le..XDXD.. happy holidays..

After Exam = Sleeping day..