Saturday, May 15, 2010


Its complicated..
What so complicated?..
I'm getting Crazy..
Exam is coming to nearer and nearer..
Heart beat getting faster and faster..
=.=.. Nothing to update..
Ya, almost forget, I change blog new layout, added Cbox, added new playlist..^.^..enjoy the song~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Nan Hwa "Green" Field

Nan Hwa "Green" Field.
Yes.. everyone should know it.. Its not green at all, but full of swamp, with earthworm, with our 5yard/marks, with our memories, our foot print..

I standing on this field almost everyday, I spend about half day on this field, having fun with friends, with my bass drum, my seniors and juniors and more and more..

So, My friend do you love the field?.. Do you like to sleep on the field ground?..
Ya.. I did it before.. Last few month ago, we were practicing, with a nice and fast tempo, after the show has done, LOL.. I so tired.. Straight sleep on the field.. WOW.. My back..==..full of grass..XD..
Oh,almost forget, This few days the weather keep on raining, let's imagine what the field look like?..
Full of water? Full of wet soil?.. Ya,yes it is..
That day we still practice like everyday we done, but that day i damn unlucky, the grass skiing LOL..I fall down badly, but ho chai, nothing happen..I sleep on it, and now, my shirt full of swamp..=.=..

Luckily I'm still alive..A accident will happen any time, any where.. Please be happy on your life..

Remember when you wake up..Open the door and say..
"Today! I'm STILL ALIVE!"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 踏进了五月份..

By the month of May.
Ksin should be still kisiao-ing?..NO!
Ksin should be still playing?..NO!
Ksin should be more friendly?..Yes~
Ksin should be..?NO?! but what ar?

NHMB, We still have countdown 1month to competition(cutting away the exam date).
I hope that 2010 bass drummer:
Could be more serious when practice.
Try to do your best in every practice with 100% perfect.
Try to improve stamina.
Try to play confidently.
It must be complete curve inside the drill.
Come and sectional all time.
No more excuses about tire and pain, because I'm go trough with you all.
Be confidence!
Play all of song with mark time.

Bass drums.. If you all have seen my blog, please done it for me,us and all of NHMB..
Have a hectic day with me..