Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cross Line 踩过界线

This is the news, maybe such a story, or maybe is a diary about a day, about the man who like to cross our line.
What is Cross line? Cross line in chinese is 踩过界线, that mean you are kepo-ing about other people job or people responsibility.
The story or anything, Happen on March 48th..
Of course, is it afternoon.. there is K was doing his job with his 2 helpers..At the beginning, is its very happily when we were doing our nice job.. suddenly there coming a man who like to cross line( His is not a people who powerful, or such as anything, him just a person who just like to kepo).. Without a question, his walk in to our office and straight put in his hand into our job.
The man:"Erm, this is too bad man. Chuckie(one of the K helpers), go take the your brother book come."
The K is at outside the office, busying his work, but him hear the man was talking crap inside. The K is silent.
The work are getting more sound of man, by suddenly the man walk out from the office and saw K was busying thinking his proposal.
The man:"OH shit, this is not suitable for you.. take it down.." Him talk and deleting the proposal.
K:"OKOK! You wan do right?.. Do la.. SETTLE ALL THING WITH THE STYLE YOU LIKE DO IT!" "BANG!!" K walk out..

Isn't that man is Cross over our line?..
As a respond, him give K a word:"I just give some comment.."

Some of my friend know who am i talking about.. but if you reading this blog.. please thinking before you cross other people LINE!..

By Ksin

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting busy and busy~

Long time didnt update my blog edi.. because my monitor was spoil for a one month..XD..
and now, my new LCD was buy.. 20' LG XD..

New post should be up "soon"==..