Thursday, December 24, 2009

Stupid Report

Today is the day.
Sc - A
Math - B
BI - B
BM - B
SJ - B
Geo- C
BC - D (fuck you)

No mood wrote.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Passed Day by Day

Holiday, Holiday, HOLIDAY!!
Why you so annoying?
Why you make me become lunatic to have fun?
Why? Why? WHY?!

Feeling bored this whole stupid holiday, Aren't you all started take you knife up and coping the calender? What a Boring holiday, I can said. Few month ago, I started play rubik's cube, that u all know, this rubik's cube start on playing 3x3. (I'm NOOB) XD.
After it, I start playing 4x4, =P, More noob for me. Then now of this day, I felt that 2x2(i use 4x4 play la),3x3 and 4x4 is boring, and easy for me. HAHA~Now i go buy 5x5 play. XD.

3x3 33second. (NOOB)
4x4 1minit 50second. (MORE NOOB)
5x5 15minit (WALAU)

Noob is its?

Ya, Its coming soon. My senior all going to say bye bye to us.
Zongxu, Benjamin and Me, are going to buy some special give to them.
Guess What?.. =P.. Secret.
I also own buy some give to them.
Ah muz~ Yupin~
Be ready for it.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm the person..

I'm the person.. [The Person]?.. Who is he? or she..
Ya, Form 3 life gonna end soon..
I'm just thinking about go out work to experience, or I'm just worried my PMR result!!..
The Person, That me, always having happy face, cold joke, hot joke, try to being good, try to make somebody trust me, be friendly, respect someone call senior, is that all was my show in life, my script?..

I'm just a person, that going to 16.. still in Adolescence, getting old, getting grow bigger, getting biggest responsibility. That need to take care juniors, take care my friend feeling, take care my family. Haha, funny its is? Grow up man!.. Think mature, Think before you talk, Think is important..

Grow up..
Worried is lunatic.