Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bloody Monday Ep1

Bloody Monday was a Japan drama..
This drama talk about a Super genius computer hacker call Falcon..
The story start about A Virus call Bloody-X. This Virus had killed the people in the city.
This Operation called The Death City.Their first plan at Russian Town, that town people all dead in one day. And now, They plan to generate the Virus on Tokyo, Lets have a see how the Genius Hacker stop their plan?..Enjoy the Drama..XD..

Their Theme song..

And now, Youtube already have the Whole set drama(1-11finale)..
Enjoy Part 1~










So...What story will happen at ep2?..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day after PMR..

Day passing day by day..I'm having a boring day-life infront this stupid slow computer..
Trying to have some fun..but..maple? meh?..PPS?..hai ok lo..listen song?..i do it everyday nia..
msn?..ya..its fun..super duper fun until no ppl find me chat..=.=..
ARGH!~.. I wan to make some video..but how?..
Use Window Movie Maker?..Outdate liao..
I wan use other new program..Gor..have any idea?Please tell me..
I wan find some nice picture..but how ar? at google? what name?..T_T..
Help me..
Pass my boring 3 month..

Monday, October 19, 2009

After PMR - 安顺千人演唱会《生命中的朋友》

October 17 2009
Anyway, that was my happiest day after PMR. 安顺 Tour start at 2.00pm.
We have 7 cars , 50 people take part inside this tour to 安顺.
On the way, me and wei long keep on laugh and playing cube on the car,Yen Qi was sleeping in the middle.
About 3.00pm ba, We come to Pasir Salak. Kompleks Sejarah Pasir Salak, which J.W.W Birch get kill when him bathing beisde Sg.Perak. This Kompleks Sejarah Pasir Salak not only have the tunnel about how we defense Perak, its also have so many keris, those keris very cool, i found that there have 161.8cm long keris there oO.
Adult - RM4
Children - RM??( i dunno)

About 4.30pm, We all start our tour to 下霹雳佛教会. 下霹雳佛教会 is big 佛教会, there have something i'm felt impressive. They have library that full of Reference book, not only that, their library was 隔音one, nice?..I love it..After it, we go to eat dinner.

About 7.30pm, The concert start d, i srceam til bo xia liao..