Sunday, February 22, 2009

Exam..I LOVE U~..

Exam coming soon..hope less for me..
That my fren soon teck say..
JYJY everyone..tis Monthly test sure veli shuang wor..
Hope i can all pass~..
now..i still reading sejarah..diu sejarah..hope it i won't fail..
Next was math..I think i nid to call my fren help me..T.T..haha..


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today i find something siao by accicdenly..The Drums: Building on a GROOVE!!!

The drums: building on a groove

Seb Rochford playing drums

Seb Rochford demonstrates how a familiar jazz groove can be given some interesting twists

SEB ROCHFORD thinks a creative drummer's most useful thought is, 'What can I do around that?' He wants to make variations of his own around a basic pulse, but he has to do it in such a way that the pulse isn't lost, and the other musicians in the band know where the beat is.

At its simplest, a traditional jazz groove is a steady, flowing pattern on the main cymbal – the ride cymbal – which is like listening to somebody repeatedly telling you the time when it's ten-to-two, ten-to-two, ten-to-two. With the other parts of the kit, the drummer plays accents that sometimes sit right within that groove, and sometimes go against it. But, like anything else in music, the idea is to make something that's there to serve a purpose as interesting as possible.

They damn Groove for more informantion at